NIGHTSHADE releases!!

Hey, everyone--today is the DAY!! NIGHTSHADE has officially released!

Find out what some reviewers are saying:

International Thriller Writers' BIG THRILL ezine interview:

RELZ REVIEWZ Rel Mollet is doing a give away that ends July 4th. She said: Ronie's ability to capture the male perspective is mind blowing as Max struggles to assimilate after his tours of duty in Afghanistan, finding safety and acceptance only in returning to high risk black ops missions.

STEELERGIRL Renee Chaw posted a wonderful review! From the very first chapter you want to know what happens next. Not only are Max and Sydney wonderful characters but the team members of the black ops group, Nightshade are awesome! Fearless, handsome and yet troubled I'm sure they will all have some interesting stories and I can't wait to read how everything plays out for them, especially Colton "Cowboy" Neeley (hubba hubba). :-P

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  1. Your book "Nightshade" is a great book--should come with a "can't put this down" warning though ;)

    Here's my review: