Loud Asian Chick Shoots....and SCORES!!

I'm elated to announce my kewl friend (aka: LOUD ASIAN CHICK with a kick of Wasabi) got a three-book contract with Zondervan for her Asian Chick-lit. And I have to tell you -- those stories are kick-butt hilarious!! Camy has a strong voice. Y'all are going to totally love this series. And since Camy is now rich and living high off the hog with her advance, I'm just letting y'all know you have to hit her up now for help on getting to the conference...oh, she has to buy her hubby his two-thousand dollar espresso machine first (oh--um, we hope to test that out this summer, BTW, Camy). After he has his new toy, I'm sure with her ultra-generous heart, she'll be glad to help everyone. LOLOLOLOL

(I am sooo dead. LOL)

CONGRATULATIONS, CAMY!! I am soooo thrilled for you!!!!

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5 Responses
  1. OMGoodness!! Ronie blogged!!!! Be still my heart!!!

    Camy rocks!!!! And I totally agree we have to test out her hubby's new toy!


    This explains the emails from "long lost relatives" asking for a cut from my paranormal/fantasy/erotica/thriller that slanders them by portraying them as carrot-headed aliens.


  3. Snicker, snicker.

    Wooohooo for Camy!

  4. I'm celebrating with ya, Camy. Don't forget to put me on your reviewer list at Zondervan when the book comes out. If it's half as creative as your post, I'll be needing to purchase Depends to help control leakage as I cruise through your series laughing and snorting away. :)