In the spotlight...of Gina Conroy's Blog

I've just had the blessing of a lifetime. My first interview!! Gina Conroy interviewed me for her blog, Zip on over there and take a gander at what I rambled about. LOL

Thank you, Gina, for honoring me on your blog. YOU are an incredible woman of God. I am so glad to have met you!

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8 Responses
  1. you did not ramble!! LOL That was a great interview! YOU are a beautiful, precious woman of God!

  2. What a great interview! No were honest, humorous, and authentic! I appreciate that--must be key to be a great writer!


  3. P.S. I forgot...I wanted to say Congrat's on your college-work. Just last May, I graduated (the 31 year track!) with a B.S. in Psychology. It was a fabulous journey--and I'm hoping to begin my Masters work shortly. :)


  4. You gave a terrific interview!

  5. And it was a great interview, too!!! (I agree, you didn't ramble! *smooch*)

  6. Hey Ronie!

    Great interview. I know you were thrilled! You go girl!

  7. Great interview! You were awesome!

  8. I commented on Gina's blog, but let me just say how blessed I am by this amazing lady. She's a keeper! :-)