Okay, I *hate* that picutre of me--but this isn't about me. It's about my gorgeous friend there, ROBIN MILLER who has just sold her first book -- BAYOU BURNING. I'm so excited for Robin--no, BEYOND excited. THRILLED! GIDDY!! She's worked so hard and been through so very much. This is just a small reward for her diligence and brilliance. Bayou Burning, a Cajun romantic suspense sold to Steeple Hill and is represented by Kelly Mortimer of the Mortimer Literay Agency. Let me tell you--this is one book you'll have to read! Robin is an amazing suspense writer and a fabulous friend. Please take a moment and send Robin congrats on this splendiferous news!!

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  1. Awww, thanks! I'm beyond excited...and still in shock.

  2. Wow! How VERY exciting!

  3. Visiting you today via Writer Interrupted blog ring....nice place you have--been here before but not sure I left a comment. Keep up the good writing.


  4. And we can say we knew her when! LOL!

  5. Yes, Congrats Robin on your sale!