Pictures Galore!

Last week, the infinitely fickle weather in TExas delivered a FIFTY DEGREE blow...On Wednesday, I picked up my twins from school in cozy 76 degree weather. The next morning, it was 26 degrees. YOWZA!! Here are some photos of my kiddos in the snow later that afternoon after the drizzle and white stuff (we see it so rarely, I'm not sure I remember what it's called LOL).

And because I'm drawing a blank on what to write bout more pictures. Here is one of me with my beautiful girls at Thanksgiving. Ciara, Ronie, & Keighley

My dear friend Michelle visited me after a vacation with her family in Killeen (she's living in Georgia right now). Here are a few from their visit.

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  1. Aww, great pictures, girlie! Love the white stuff, aka snow. LOL! Wish we'd get some. That would just mess with everyone's heads here. Yep, definitely sounds like fun! Keep warm!

  2. LOL, Dineen, snow in California. That'd be like it snowing here in the valley in Arizona.

    Great pictures, Ronie. I love getting a peek into everyone's lives.

  3. great pics girlie but did you really have to show me the white stuff???

  4. Did you say snow? In Texas?

  5. gravatar Anonymous

    What beautiful, adorable family!!!

    Yep I lived in Texas once--my entire life. Here in Grants Pass, it don't snow either. RoFL (Texas speak) But hey, I can drive five minutes away to the snow so that's good.

  6. gravatar Anonymous

    Ahem. . I should have said. . I NOW live in Grants Pass. . Oregon that is. LOL

  7. gravatar Anonymous

    Gee, you can't tell your oldest is your daughter. It's mini-Ronie! Stop trying to steal my claim to misery. The cold and snow is my turf. Spend January in the palm of the mitten (that's Michigan for you people in Plano), and you'll soon know the true meaning of "I can't feel my a**!"

  8. I know--can you believe it? Snow in Texas. Who'da thunk it.

    Ron--you think she looks like me?? LOL

  9. gravatar Anonymous

    Aw, Ronie, your girls are gorgeous! (Just like Mama!!) (And the boys are cuties too!)