Christmas, Released & New Year

a daughter who thought she got a new purse...

a daughter who found an iPod Touch in said purse...

Other daughter after her violin concert

In an earlier post, I mentioned my writing rest. And how I was already ready to be released from that rest. December 23 is when I felt the "hold" hand on my shoulder lift. Not wanting to rush forward in case I was wrong, I allowed myself to do some light editing, but I still did not write. In my mind, I'd hoped for the day after Christmas...and that's exactly when the well unstopped. :-P

I started a new fantasy...and I just wrote. And wrote. I'm up to 13K since December 27. That's not a record for my by an means (hey, I wrote almost 30K in one weekend before!), but it was a beautiful sensation. I would write after I got home from work, then go to bed at a decent hour (no all-nighters for me LOL).

the really incredible thing for me is this--it opened my creative juice vein. Last night, I sat thinking about my new military thrillers series. I've tried to figure out what's going to happen in that story all month and got...NUTHIN'!!! But last night--it came flooding out. I am soooo excited. It took a month of not writing or editing or critiquing, then a handful of days where I just wrote (internal editor squashed flat as I wrote and wrote with redundancies and repetitions and misspellings...shhh, don't tell her. LOL).

So. I'm back. but in this New Year, I want to be focused on four things:


Okay, so that pretty much encompasses my entire life, save my day JOB (but hey, even those hours got cut!!). :-D But I'm determined to make the last three a priority in my life as the first one GUIDES my life by increasing my daily time with Him.

Last year, i felt strongly it would be a YEAR OF TRANSITION. And let me tell you, if God ever speaks that to you, brace yourself! LOL But for this year, I believe the phrase came to me in october. It's going to be a YEAR OF PROMISE!

I like the sound of that.

How about you??

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4 Responses
  1. I think that's sooooo cool that the writing just flowed after taking a break. That's just awesome.

    And a year of promise doesn't sound too shabby either ;)

  2. ewwww I want an ipod touch! I bought myself an ipod classic last week for christmas...

    wait... you've started a new fantasy?? sweet!

    Happy New Year! May your year be truly blessed... beyond all your hopes and dreams!

  3. Hey girl! Loved reading this! I'm so glad you had a breakthrough. And I love your 4 F's. That's way cool. Can't wait to read your new stuff. Oh, and can you tell my internal editor to take a hike? I'd love to write like that, just once!

  4. I can handle a year of promise myself. God has been in the lead with us beginning a new church four years ago and He promises to take care of His children. He is building up a little family of His own here and we can rest in His promises to us that He has given us in His word. Yes, a year of Promise is what I am looking for and it is through Him that it is given.
    cepjwms at yahoo dot com