Dead Reckoning - A review

Okay, I had to share this review with y'all--it's the first that's come since the ARCs went out. Revel in the moment with me, please! :-D

I just had to write to tell you what a FANTASTIC book you've written. I loved how it held my interest from beginning to end. I told myself one chapter a night, and it was so hard to stop reading at just one chapter. I was impressed with how you kept the story moving, as the romance began to unfold. Most books of this nature tend to forget to keep the story going once the romance hits and focuses solely on the romance, I find that annoying. I loved the spy aspect and found myself visualizing every scene as though I was watching an action-packed movie. Such a great read!
Alyice Edrich
Freelance Writer & Artist

Aha!! I just got an update from this fabulous writer/artist (I'm biased now, I know...) but she has put up a "teaser review" on her site. Check it out:

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  1. So awesome, girl. Great review!

  2. Ronie,
    Congratulations. I'm sure this is just the first of many positive reviews.Can't wait to read it.

  3. gravatar Rel

    Way to go, Idaho!! (as I look at my Mr Potato Head Spiderman on my desk!)

    So happy for you and soooo wish my copy would arrive NOW!

  4. Thank you, y'all!! I so appreciate your support and encouragement.

    Doc...can't wait to see yours streaming through! :-D

  5. Way to go, Ronie. I told you you were a very good writer. Now you can believe me.