Nightshade Debuts on

I am so excited! Today, NIGHTSHADE, Book#1 in the Discarded Heroes series I'm writing for Barbour Publishing, showed up on I've had a peek at the cover already, but I can't share it yet (doncha hate it when people do things like that? LOL). Hopefully soon!!

But take a look--and if you can, pre-order it now before it's sold out (hey, ya never know...)!!!!

here's the full link:

And here's the Nightshade Blurb:

They’ve championed freedom, survived the cruelties of war

, and now these same heroes return home

. . .wounded and discarded.

Former Navy SEAL Max Jacobs is fighting a new war—a war for his family. Suffering from PTSD, Max is unable to control his anger and alienates himself from his wife, who files a protective order against him. Their lives are about to collide when Sydney Jacobs hunts down the source of a human interest story at her local newspaper. Will she uncover Nightshade, the elite team Max is covertly working with, and place their lives in danger?

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  1. Woohooo! I'm so excited about this book! And the whole series. It's so goooooooooooooooood!