Next Clue

Hey, everyone--Have you been tracking the clues for Mission:Julia? I think we've hit on something good because Reece & Shiloh all but flew out of here after that last clew. I have a feeling they knew something I didn't--I'll guess they already saw the next clue. Have you seen it?

Anyway, be sure to let me know what you figure out.

In case you need a refresher, check here for what happened in the first place!

And all the clues are dispersed among these blogs:

Ane Mulligan Southern-Fried Fiction –

Beth Goddard –

Camy Tang/Story Sensei -

Cara Putman

Cindy Woodsmall –

Dineen Miller –

Kim Woodhouse –

Lynette Sowell –

Mindy Obenhaus –

Robin Caroll –

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3 Responses
  1. Cool clue, girlie! Is that Julia? Did we find her? Or is that a decoy? LOL!

  2. Okay, that really WAS sneaky. When you pull up the site on Mozilla Firefox, there's no link at all. Nothing. But when you pull it up on Internet Explorer, there it is, big as Dallas.

    So did you plan it that way? Or did you just luck out in making me crazy today? :)

  3. Nice pic on Robin's website. :) Next clue is house of wood in the mountains, so I'm going to say we're at Kim Woodhouse's next. Great place!