NIGHTSHADE TV/movie rights optioned

I am soooo excited to make this announcement:

We’re thrilled to announce that TV/movie rights to Ronie Kendig’s NIGHTSHADE of the Discarded Heroes series have been optioned by Brad Keller's production company. Steve Laube, agent for Ronie Kendig, negotiated the deal. In cooperation with Lori Twichell of Beyond the Buzz Marketing, they are looking at production options and putting together a pitch for a television series about the Discarded Heroes as a military drama.

In July, I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Brad and discussing what direction he'd like to take the Discarded Heroes concept. Of course, our biggest obstacle (and the killer for nearly every TV/movie option deal) is funding. So, if you happen to have a couple of million lying around that you'd like to invest in a pro-military TV drama, CONTACT US!! LOL

Regardless of that, I am so blessed to have NIGHTSHADE picked up like this, for a producer to be interested and share the Nightshade team story with sponsors, investors, etc.

And I'm so HUGELY blessed to get to work with Lori Twichell of Beyond the Buzz Marketing in writing the initial episode ideas--of course, she'll be teaching me how to do this. LOL

More information to follow as it happens...

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  1. Oh Ronie, what wonderful news! Our prayers for Nightshade to help heal wounds, scars, and relationships.

  2. gravatar Rel

    Well, of course, you know I'm so thrilled with this amazing possibility :)