To Win Her Heart by Karen Witemeyer

Hey, folks. Well, I thought we'd take a brief diversion from the intensity you're used to finding here at Supernatural Craving so you can have a chance to breathe (we all need to that at least once in our lives, right?), and share a historical novel with you.

Shocking, huh? Well, I got to meet Karen Witemeyer at a writer's retreat and I was so touched by her gentle nature and smile, that when she asked for influencers for To Win Her Heart, I jumped at the chance. (A small confession-normally, when I'm not reading thrillers or spec fic, I'm reading historicals--go figure!). So, here is my official review of Karen's newest release.

Charming and delightful! Karen Witemeyer’s TO WIN HER HEART will steal yours! The characters are unique and so very endearing. I found the backstory of hero Levi Grant to be original and compelling. Truly a great plot concept. The heroine was a bit more typical, but also unique in her own right.

The spiritual elements were done well, and I was pleased to see even the less-than-holy characters in the story turning the upright characters toward the Lord with a few well-placed chides about character and Scripture.

And the ending was perfect! Really made the entire story complete. And can I just say—way to go Ornery!

You'll have to read the novel to get the last line, but hey--I'm just trying too hook you, right?

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    Nice review, Ronie - I really enjoy Karen's style, too :)