Excitement & Stress

Ever notice excitement and stress sometimes go hand in hand? Well, they did this last Friday. The Fantastic Four's four-in-one series, Saving Wicklow, got an invite to submit more information to the publisher we pitched at the ACFW conference last September!! We were stunned--and not because we didn't believe in our writing (cuz lemme tell ya--those are some AWESOME stories *wink*). The shock was birthed out of the fact that several people told us it would never get published. Why? Well, because none of us are book published. It's unheard of, they said. No publisher will do it. Fortunately for us, a publisher is smart enough to see the potential of this family-based series. Here's praying God's best for the FANTASTIC FOUR on the Saving Wicklow Series (check our websites for story synops: Robin, Neen, Ronie--ahem, uh, well Ron doesn't have a website yet--but you can harass him about it on his blog).

Well, I'm learning at a jet's pace that God likes to defy the odds. LOL So, this last weekend, we kicked it into high gear getting everything ready. Frank, the man who first influenced me in a professional writing-mentor sort of way, told me this week: enjoy the journey.

It's easy to lose sight of the journey when you're on it...getting caught up in the "I have to get this done," and "I'm already overwhelmed," that we forget God is already ahead of us. He's not going to give us anything we can't handle. You're probably quoting Mother Teresa right now, Sometimes I just wish He didn't trust me so much. *grins* Oh, don't I know it!! I started caving, with teh pressure of this extended proposal, college work that I got behind on to focus on the proposal and helping my AWESOME crit partners, homeschooling, teaching creative writing...but then I remembered: God already knows. He knows what's coming. He's already prepared us. already prepared the way. That gives me peace; it stills the torrents.

So...is there a storm--a squall, perhaps--that is overtaking you? Rest in his arms.

...see ya on the flip side, y'all...

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  1. "So...is there a storm--a squall, perhaps--that is overtaking you? Rest in his arms."

    Yep, I'm trying.

    Congrats again!!! Love ya!

  2. Hang in there, Sweetie. You're doing a great job.

    Great thoughts.Will be praying about that proposal. That's great!


  3. Thanks for the reminder that God already knows. I needed to hear that.

    And congrats on the good news you guys have gotten. That's awesome!

  4. Awesome post, girl! You rock! And I love ya tons, too! LOL!

  5. Congrats on...um, what is it the Fantastic 4 are doing?

    Frank's right. Enjoy the journey. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Take time to see the scenery.

    And make sure to get off the jet once in a while. (Trust me. See today's entry on my blog for more.)

    ...one of these days I gotta get me a pic like y'all.

  6. I love the pix of all the paper mountain...sometimes I feel that way! LOL And so we wait...and wait...and wait! LOL

  7. LOL Robin on the we wait... wait.. and wait.

  8. YAY!!! This is so awesome! I am totally praying for you guys!!!

  9. I'm totally praying for me, too. The first thing I told Ronie was to stop being so excited, it's just the first step. She didn't listen, being female and all. So now I'm all excited. And I've been playing with my story, Killing Yesterday (nice plug, huh?) and it's getting better. These girls rock! And Robin has busted her tail to pull all this together. Okay, I'm done now. It's peacful over at my blog. Maybe I should get a website...

  10. Where DO you get all these nifty pics, Ronie???

    And you already know I'm beyond excited for y'all! ;-D