My crit buds, Ron Estrada, Robin Miller, and Dineen Miller and I are doing a sort of round robin storyboard-idea-type thing. Ready for my confession? I am totally out of my element. LOL Panic? Yeah, absolutely. I mean, it's hard enough to write a story where you "control" the story (cuz we all know you can't control characters!! *grin*), but when you have four strong writers doing a composite story like should be interesting to say the least. LOL And if it all falls apart, we'll blame it on Ron--it was his idea after all. Plus, he's the only guy, so it's an automatic exclusion. Right? *wink*
So, let's speculate. With four different authors, two who write romantic suspense, one who writes paranormal, and one who writes sf/f thrillers (and a bit of RS)...what on earth will happen to the characters within the StoryBoard?? Ron says it will have to be silly otherwise we'd need a plot. Okay, yuck. He's right. LOL So, whatever happens to the characters, Roger Kidd, Natalie Kidd, Sophie Lennox, and the Villian (dun dun dun-dun!!!), this will be a blast. I hope you'll take the time to keep up with these characters--after all, imagine--a controlling older sister, a rebellious younger brother, a codependent eccentric young woman, and a villain...well, there's bound to be trouble.
As The Fantastic Four, we wrote a series together called Saving Wicklow, and it's a pleasure to work with these awesome people again! And I'm so glad to be a part of this, cuz it's getting me out of my funk. :-D

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  1. :-D Funk gone!!!!! Woooohoooooo! LOL! It's gonna be blast and you know it. He he. Now I need to find that villain and have him or her blast you for putting that picture on your blog.


  2. Yay funk-be-gone!

    Shut up Neen, that's a great pic!

  3. I'll second that, D...that pix IS horrid! LOL You know, the next time we're all together again, we MUST get a better pix!

  4. Ronie, you're not out of your element. Just throw in an alien species and all is right in the world.


  5. What a great idea! Sounds fun!