Makeover Mayhem

Doncha love it?? I am THRILLED with this new look for my blog. And who do I have to thank?? None other than Heather Diane Tipton, friend extraordinaire and partner of Out There Author Services. The poor girl thought this would be an easy makeover. TSK. TSK. Doesn't she know how, particular I am. LOL I did tell her I wanted something "otherworldly." Of course, we won't mention how many things I asked her to change, or how, for hours on end, she would say, Here ya go. Anything else? And I'd say, Now that you mention it....

Then finally...voilĂ ! My madeover blog. Not bad, eh???Actually, it's
SUPERB!! I totally love it (what's that, the UMPTEENTH time I've said that now, Heather?). *grins* So, anyway, check out the OTAS page and get her to jazz up your blog.

Have a FABULOUS New Year's, Everyone! Oh, and leave a comment. It gets lonely in cyberspace sometimes. *grins*

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8 Responses
  1. Awesome blog and awesome friend. :0)


  2. Awesome new look! I think a new look is a great way to get motivation for new goals. I got my hair highlighted this week, so who knows what I can achieve next month. LOL.

    And a Happy New Year to you too!


  3. Lookin' good, chickey! Heather did a great job. Love ya!

  4. Very cool! A new look for a new year :)

  5. It looks awesome! Great job, Heather. I'll second the high recommendation of Out there Services....Heather, Eileen, and Janice are AWESOME!

    Happy New Year, ROnie....I'm so blessed by your friendship!

  6. Praying for a very blessed and prosperous 2006 for you and your family! I've been so blessed by your friendship!