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Well, apparently when you go to the Dark Side, you have to reveal all your inner workings. But really, who doesn't like talking about themselves? So, I got tagged by not one, not two, but three friends to fill this thing out. Enjoy and laugh...

Seven Things to Do Before I Die (Lord willing):
1. Get published
2. Visit Jerusalem
3. Go to Hawaii
4. Adopt
5. Learn archery
6. Do a tactical handgun course with my husband (shh…don’t tell, or he’ll enroll us now!)
7. Raise Godly children & see them start their families

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1. Deny Christ
2. Stop writing
3. Listen to metal music
4. Read in a vehicle without my Sea Bands
5. Sit for very long (tail-bone issues)
6. Stay quiet when someone is getting picked on or made fun of
7. Nod my head and say “no” at the same time

Seven Things that Attract Me to My Spouse [romantic interest, best friend, whomever](not necessarily in this order!):
1. His integrity & honor
2. His eyes
3. His wit
4. His humor
5. His classic hero elements
6. His muscles!!!
7. He intelligence

Seven Things I Say (or write!) Most Often:
2. Don’t get stuck on stupid
3. No worries
4. um, yeah...about that
5. Omigosh
6. UGH!
7. oh crap!

Seven Books (or series) I Love:
1. Firebird Trilogy
2. Arena
3. Wuthering Heights
4. Outriders
5. Ashley Stockingdale!
6. Narnia
7. Legend of the Emerald Rose
…only seven????? <<>>

Seven Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again:
1. While You Were Sleeping
2. Tomb Raider
3. How to Steal a Million
4. Love in the Afternoon
5. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
6. Princess Bride
7. Galaxy Quest

Seven People I Want to Join in: (be tagged)
1. Heather
2. Dineen
3. Robin
4. Kathy Mackel
5. Shannon
6. Lisa Tuttle
7. Linda Wichman

So, there it is. Everything you'd want to know about me. Well, almost everything. LOL

Like my awesome crit buds, I'm working on a new story. I started it around the first of November. It's a space opera. I know. I'm still laughing, too. I thought--how corny. Of course, when I hear that sub-genre mentioned, I crinkle up my nose as I imagine large Viking women sailing across an all-too-small stage, its boards creaking when they land and belt out a horrific call of the wild (sorry, I know some people call that music, but well, let's be real).

Anyway, this story has amazed me, riveted me--Marco talking to me as I cook dinner, Stevie sobbing in the corner as I make the bed, and Ypiretis hovering over my shoulder as I write to make sure the spiritual elements are right. SIGH. This is what happens when your characters take over. And still this story is title-less. A first for me. Even at 90k I don't know what to call it.

Oh, and I hate the ending I will have to write so that I can stay true to my characters. Don't get me wrong--it's a great ending, but heart-wrenching and so not "romantic." Tragic. BOO-HOO. The sad thing is that I never meant for this story to go anywhere, and especially never anticipated a book 2. Yet, I know Marco has a war to run, and Stevie...well, maybe I should save this for your reading pleasure. LOL So, once I get this ending written, and as my crit buddies help me find mistakes, LOL, I will be back working on Midnight Zone. Heather and Shannon will probably prod me to begin book 2, but it's tragic too. WAH!

I've decided on a goal for this blog: To start interviewing sf/f authors, to glean from their experience and wisdom. I'll have to start inquiring of the brilliant minds out there. Anyone you want to see interrogated...er, tortured...uh, interviewed? Be bold! Drop a comment in the box.

Okay, that's it for this week.


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  1. gravatar Anonymous

    "I don't know what to call it."

    I would call it great!

    And you better believe I will pester you to write book two!! If I have to I will conspire with Shannon against you. LOL

  2. Nah, nah, I already got tagged and did my list. LOL! I can't believe you're at 90K already! Wow! What a story it is, too. This one came out of you fast!

    Hmmm, interviews, guess I better get to thinking. How about Orsen Scott Card? LOL! Now wouldn't that be cool...

  3. Welcome to Blogdom! Great post and love your space opera! 90K in a month? You go girl.


  4. Ronie,
    Great start. Not sure I could keep one up, but probably will one day.

    Can you say 'oh crap' in the CBA?

    I like the space opera idea. And the tactical handgun course. I'm in Hawaii right now.

  5. One blog a week. You've been assimilated. Resistance is futile. :)

  6. Sounds like a good plan, Ronie. That would be totally cool, to read sf/f author interviews. If you get Kathy Tyers, I will kiss your feet! I love everything that woman has ever written, including her out of print secular scifi.

    Camy, who is done gushing.

  7. YAY!!!!!!! Woohooo! Welcome!


  8. Amazing...you've joined THEM. It's going to be fun to travel the journey.

  9. SPACE OPERA? Girl, you are speaking my langauge! I love reading that stuff! So if you want a reader, *hint* *cough* I've never read Christian Space Opera. Of course the absolute master I know of currently is David Weber. If you haven't already, read his Honor Harrington series. You can find all sorts of FREE ebooks at www.baen.com in the library section. Including the first one On Basilik Station if I'm not mistaken. :)

    Rich, you're in my neighborhood and not even saying hello? I'm crushed. :( Just kidding. Have fun.

  10. Um, already did my list!

    Now, about your story....you REALLY need to get a title for it, girl! It's great, and I'm not a big scifi reader! :)

  11. Y'all are great! Thanks!!!

    Rich - Hawaii and you're reading MY blog? MAN! I AM impressed! LOL

    Camy - I'll be shooting off an email to her as soon as I can find her address. LOL Kiss my feet? WOOT!

    Rachel - You're so sweet to drop by. Yeah, that 90k surprised even me.

    Malia - You LIVE in Hawaii!! Can we say MAJOR DROOL! lol

    Eileen, Lynette, & Pammer -- I'm so blessed you dropped by. I know, I know...I went a little too easily to teh dark side (although the Write of Passage might disagree).

    Robin, Neen & Heather--thanks for your candor and friendship in critting my stuff. Ron didn't comment or I'd thank him too. LOL

  12. Welcome to blogging, Ronie. I only post on my blog once an week, too. :)

    Your wip sounds intriguing (awesome job on the word count!) and, about that handgun course ... I want to do that too!

  13. Not sure who came up with this 7 things idea but boy it has been fun learning about people. The dark side isn't so scary when it comes to blogging, huh? Congrats on a great site, Ronie.

    Abundant blessings!

  14. Welcome to blogland! Great answers on the 7's. I got tagged, but wimped out and only did part of it on my blog and part in Jennifer's comments. LOL. Fun to get to know you a bit!