Where the Map Ends - Ultimate CSF/F Website

Former fiction manager JEFF GERKE, a long-time advocate for those of us with a bent toward the weirder side of fiction, has launched a FANTASTIC website for Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy called WHERE THE MAP ENDS This site has a plethora of information, resources, and services made available. It includes editorial services by the master himself, Mr. Gerke, and links to CSFF websites, artists, authors, and interviews -- first one is FRANK PERETTI!!
This site is a great relief for those of us who love CSSF. I'd set the WHERE THE MAP ENDS site so that you're updated when it's updated. :-D You won't want to miss out on this baby. Oh! And Jeff even makes mention of MARCHER LORD PRESS, a "twinkle in his eye" publishing company for all things CSSF. I'm very excited, since he told me months back that I'd be his poster child. LOL

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5 Responses
  1. You mean there's others like you out there? (Locking the door now). I'm glad you found those whom you were separated from when the mother ship crashed.

  2. Thanks for the link!

    BTW, the link for the second "Where the Map Ends" is broken. The first one works fine, though.

  3. Be warned, Ron. :-D Tehre are a WHOLE LOT OF US out there. and the scary thing is that you can't tell us apart until it's too late. Bwahahahahahaha. >:D

    Thanks, Steve, for letting me know about the broken link.

  4. hey you blogged and I didn't know it!!

  5. Ron, ROTFL!!! Got her good that time.

    I love Jeff's sight. So glad he's doing this.